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This energy work session is by donation, which means you get to choose what you pay. I encourage you to consider a few things when deciding on the exchange:

  • How much can you pay?
  • What is your commitment to this work in your body and in the world?
  • What feels like a fair exchange of value to you?

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I promise that this work is freely given. I hold no attachment to the value of these sessions or what you choose to pay for them. Your energetic and financial commitment to them is part of a larger agreement with yourself to do this work. Pay what feels stretchy yet supportive.

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This 36-minute session was created specifically for those of us raced as “white” and who benefit from the privilege of light skin. It will help release the ubiquitousness of whiteness, and assist you in reclaiming the complexity of your unique lineage.

This session is not only for white folks, though. It can be helpful for anyone who is unwinding racism within their body, and understanding how they have turned those energies inward towards themselves, or outwards towards others. In this session we work in the Bone and Nervous System Realms.

This energy work session was created by request from a BIPOC member of this community. It was included as part of a book club for My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem.